Introducing Backweb

After a couple of weeks well spend time in Malaysia and a few days in Singapore, I am quite happy to release the Backweb Attack Console.

The application is in its 0.1a release currently. This means that a lot more work needs to be done. Right now it is quite stable and it should work well with attack channels similar to the one described here. Check the AttackAPI project for the attack channel complete source code.

So what is Backweb anyway? The Backweb project is an experiment that was designed to create a full featured attack console for exploiting web browsers, web users and remote applications. Those who are familiar with XSS Proxy or even BEEF might already be familiar with the core principles of the Backweb project.

I tried to make the core as modular as possible although I didn't try vary hard. Those who are curios enough to check the source code will see a few bugs. As a said earlier this is the 0.1a (alpha) release. There is a new release in the SVN trunk that will be ready for download quite soon.

Documentation is also expected in the next month. If any one is willing to contribute please feel free to contact me. For ideas of how to use this application read this blog.