Identity 2.0 Security

A couple of months ago I was invited by InformIT to write an article on Identity 2.0 Security. I am generally interested in this subject so I decided to give it a try. The result is Identity 2.0: How Attackers Break into Identity-centric Services, which was published yesterday. For those who don't know what Identity 2.0 means, check the following video from Dick Hardt who was my personal inspiration to get involved into this subject.

Funny enough, Dick has responded to the above article with Identity 2.0 is insecure?. In his post he brings some interesting insights where Identity 2.0 is going security-wise. Apart from that, There is a lot more one can say about security in the Web2.0/Identity2.0 world. We are really just at the beginning. I hope that in the following months, I will be able to show my vision of security problems concerning Web2.0 technology.