HITB Dubai - 2008 We Can't Wait

One of the things I like about the hacker/security community is how much ideas exchanging takes place. Most researchers soon realize that there is nothing like a good session of sharing ideas with other peers in order to come up with even more interesting thoughts!

We're happy to say that GNUCITIZEN will be part of one of the events we were the most interested in: HITB Dubai 2008. Both pdp (client-side hacking), and my (embedded devices hacking) material were accepted by the HITB folks. We've heard very good things about the HITB conferences in the past which do not only take place in Dubai, but also KL. I personally always liked the HITB materials due to the nature of the content which is VERY uncensored. All kinds of topics are discussed without hiding details whatsoever. From PSTN networks, to satellite hacking, you name it!

pdp and I would like to thank Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran for being extremely helpful to us. He always answers our inquiries immediately and is always willing to help. We also want to thank the rest of the HITB crew for putting such an interesting event together. Very well known folks in the hacker and security community will be there. Some of them include Bruce Schneier , Jeremiah Grossman, Raoul Chiesa and Skyper.

It'll be the first time for us in Dubai, which makes this event even more exciting. Dubai is now considered one of the most glamorous cities in the world where (for instance) the most luxurious hotel in the world is located. If you are attending the event, would would love to meet up with you. Please contact us if you are interested.

Dubai, here we come!