We were honored to be guests to Paul and Larry on PaulDotCom Security Weekly - the best security podcast on the Web. The show was rather long, about 2 hours, but we've discussed many interesting things. Please mind the quality on Adrian's and especially mine side of the audio stream. I used a very crappy headset, which was the cause of all sorts of problems.

You can access the direct audio stream from the following places:

However, if you are an information security junkie, then you should subscribe to PaulDotCom's audio feed so you are up-to-date when new shows come out. Alternatively, you can visit where you can find a syndication engine that will keep you updated with everything that is related to security and hacking, including PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast.

We also expect Larry and Paul to be guest bloggers at GNUCITIZEN and show us some cool embedded devices hacking stuff.