Ggoogle Dark

GHDB (a.k.a. Google Hacking Database) is HTML/JavaScript wrapper application that uses advance JavaScript techniques to scrape information from Johnny's Google Hacking Database without the need for hosted server side scripts.

Why this application is interesting you may ask? We are not hosing any server side scripts on our side, and Johnny's does not provide any JSON export of the database either, how the heck we still manage to fetch the data? Well, we are using a PIPE which is entirely online based. Online services are very Web2.0 so expect to see more of them very soon. For Web based malware perspective, this means that they no longer need server side support.

You can use this tool as a browser based replacement of the cDc's (cult of the dead cow) Goolag tool.

The project is now part of GNUCITIZEN's Secapps application stack.