Ivana Kalay


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What is Black PR

Since Black Hat Europe 2008, which took place in Amsterdam, we’ve got a lot of attention around what is Black PR and what exactly we have to do with it. A few media outlets covered some of the details around our expertise in this area although their point of view was, well, slightly distorted from the reality. Therefore, with this post we would like to clarify the basics of Black PR and PR Security business and also explain how it is integrated within our group. [...]

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A Must Read: Brief Testimony of Our Disclosure Experience

We have been trying to expose our thoughts about the fundamental ethical issues in the industry for a quite a long time. The truth is that it is not very simple to define what a righteous hacking is or which is the best way to deal with discovered vulnerabilities. Moreover, we do realize that having this talk is also very subjective and has different meanings to everyone. In the past couple of months, GNUCITIZEN has increased its rank dramatically and became key topic of many media outlets. [...]

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